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Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

NFQ Level
Course Duration
1 Academic Year
Start/End Date
13/09/2021 - May 2022
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Hybrid Learning
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Course Fees
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EU: €5200.00
NON-EU: €7450.00

Why take this course?

The Bachelor of Business in International Business is an innovative, challenging business programme that will enable you to pursue a successful career as a professional, giving you a global focus, exposing you to key ideas and new thinking that is essential for enterprises that trade internationally.

This programme will enable you to develop your academic, intellectual and personal development skills and knowledge and will prepare you for work as a professionals who will develop, lead and sustain business organisations on a national and international basis.

We provide you with a diverse dynamic environment where you will have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified industry-experience academic lecturers and guest lecturers.  It will enable you to develop the knowledge and interpersonal communication skills you will need to thrive as a professional in international business.

What will You Experience

You will meet and learn from industry experts from multinational organisations as you prepare to launch an international career in business.

You will enjoy a quality educational experience with professional lecturers in modern classrooms with full multi-media facilities. 

A culturally diverse community of learners from all over the world offering a wide variety of perspectives and experiences that will enable you to develop an international outlook and thrive as a professional in international business.

Programme Modules

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

Springboard+ Funding

"Springboard+ is co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund as part of the ESF programme for employability, inclusion and learning 2014-2020." Springboard+

We are very pleased to be part of the Springboard+ initiative for 2020/2021.

The FREE Springboard+ Course is open to Unemployed persons who meet the entry requirements as “returners” or those who are “Jobseekers”.

For those who are in Employment the HEA funds 90% of the course with a 10% contribution fee from applicants.

Springboard+ is a government initiative that provides free education and training opportunities for people who are unemployed but looking for work while also allowing them to keep any unemployment benefits.

Application is made though:
For enquiries contact: [email protected]

Hybrid Learning  

Hybrid Learning combines face-to-face instruction with live online learning.    In the context of the coronavirus school re-openings, a hybrid model reduces the number of students in the building, by moving some of the course delivery online.

You will be in a bubble:
Hybrid Learning September 2020

Dorset College continues to adhere to the government’s guidelines on protective measures required to be in place in order to combat the COVID-19.  These protective measures mean that our classes will now be delivered through a Hybrid model as outlined above.

Entry Requirements

A Level 7 business qualification or a Level 8 qualification in any other discipline or equivalent with relevant work experience. Mature applicants who are over 23 years of age on January 1st (year of entry), may be deemed eligible to take the course depending on their prior learning and work experience, general education standard, motivation and commitment to the course.

Eligibility for Funding
Springboard courses are 100% funded if you are unemployed. For those in employment a student contribution fee of €500.00 is required at the start of the course. Please see Springboard+ ‘Participant Eligibility’ at for more information.

English Language Requirements
Candidates whose first language is not English may be required to sit the Dorset College English Competency Test.

Assessment & Awards

The Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business is a one-year Level 8 qualification awarded by Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI)

Assessment Method
A combination of module appropriate assessment methods will facilitate the assessment of learning outcomes on the course including group work, presentations and business reports.

QQI Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business Level 8
Total Credits: 60 ECTS

Protection of Enrolled Learners
Dorset College has arrangements in place to ensure the Protection of Enrolled Learners (PEL) in the event of a cessation of programmes by the college.

Career & Progression

Stand out in today's challenging job market with a combination of professional business experience and a strong foundation in the subject areas that provide wide opportunities for employment.

Job Role examples include:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Executive
  • Business Advisor
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Social Media Specialist
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Analyst

Graduates are eligible to progress to a Master’s Degree in Business or related area at one of the Universities or Institutes of Technology.

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