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Holidays 2022 & 2023

The College will be closed on the following National Bank Holidays 2022:

National Bank Holidays 2022

Monday, April 18th 2022 – Easter Monday

Monday 2nd May 2022 – May Bank Holiday

Monday, June 6th 2022 – June Bank Holiday

Monday 1st August 2022 ( August Bank Holiday)

Monday 31st October 2022

Sunday 25th December 2022 – Christmas Day

Monday 26th December 2022- St Stephen’s Day

Christmas break will commence on Monday, December 12th to Friday, 9th January 2022. Classes will resume on Monday, 10th January, 2023.

The College will be closed on the following National Bank Holidays 2023:
From 2023, there will be a new annual public holiday in early February to mark St Brigid’s Day. The public holiday will be the first Monday in February, except where St Brigid’s day (1 February) happens to fall on a Friday, in which case that Friday 1 February will be a public holiday.

Sunday 1st january - New Year's Day

Monday 6th February St Brigid's Day

Friday 17th March - St Patrick's Day

Monday 10th April - Easter Monday

Monday 1st May - May Day

Monday 5th June - Bank Holiday

Monday 7th August - Bank Holiday

Monday 30th October - Bank Holiday

Monday 25th December - Christmas Day

Tuesday 26th September - St Stephen's Day

Christmas break will commence on Monday, 11th December 2022 to Friday, 8th January 2023. Classes will resume on Monday, 08th January, 2023.

In accordance with GNIB rules from the 1st October 2015, if students wish to take a holiday they must have completed one third of the total weeks elapsed (front loading of holidays will not be permitted). If agreed before starting the course a student may take a maximum of three weeks holiday. Minimum break one week from Monday to Friday. Single days are not permitted.

In the event of a serious illness or a close family bereavement special breaks may be arranged. This will be decided on a case by case basis and a student must present documentation to support their request. 

Students who are scholarship recipients must have permission from their consulate/awarding body to take any unscheduled breaks in their course.

The GNIB will be informed about any student who leaves before the end of their course. Students must complete the full 25-week course. If you leave early your attendance will be only for the time you were at school. Students must verify that they are returning to  their homeland.

Learners with a visa require a letter from the College if they plan to leave Ireland for any holidays. This should be requested at least one week in advance of your travels. 

Student holiday periods for those on Academic Year Programme (non-EU/EEA Students/Learners)

Holiday Work Entitlements

Learners on the Academic Year Programmes with duration of 25 weeks are entitled to 8 weeks holidays – during which they are eligible to work for 40 hours per week from 1st May to August 31st and from the 15 December to the 15 January.  Outside of those times eligibility to work is for 20 hours per week.

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