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About Dorset College

About Dorset College

Dorset College Dublin is an independent Higher Education institution located in the heart of Dublin. Our main campus, woven into the fabric of Dublin’s bustling city centre, is made up of modern and spacious study environments housed in beautiful Georgian buildings. Outside the college walls, you will have access to all the infrastructure and amenities of a European capital.

Dorset College offer a number of specialised programmes across the School of Business and the School of Computing, as well as a range of Professional and Healthcare courses. Our aim is to develop a clear professional pathway tailored to each individual student. Using this approach, many of our Graduates have gone on to work for leading companies in Ireland and abroad, such as Accenture, Aviva, Diageo, Google, Meta, TikTok, and much more.

At Dorset, our culturally-diverse student-centered learning environment enables each individual to grow in confidence, maximise their potential, and develop a clear career path with excellent opportunities for progression. We take immense pride in cultivating a person-focused and welcoming community, with ambition at the forefront. Throughout their time with us, students will develop not just academically but socially, culturally and professionally. Regular events such as weekend trips across Ireland, museum and gallery visits, workshops and social gatherings are all a part of the Dorset College experience.

Our dedicated team of Academic and Professional staff tare proud of the close relationships they build with their students, and we want every student to leave Dorset College inspired, motivated, and ready to meet emerging challenges in an ever-changing world.

Dorset College is a designated educational institute of Quality & Qualifications Ireland (QQI), accredited by CIPD, PMI®, Acels

Reasons To Choose Dorset

  • #1. Employable Knowledge and Skills

    We are committed to providing an individually-tailored, career-focused learning experience for each student. At Dorset College you will build on your talents and interests, developing the skills necessary to carve out a rewarding career path, and to impress leading employers in your chosen profession.

  • #2. Supportive Academic & Professional Staff
  • #3. Innovative Learning Environment

    Our community-focused learning environment aims to expand students into Graduates with the capacity for individual endeavor, critical thinking, innovation and creativity, as well as a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.

  • #4. Diverse Community
  • #5. Student Experience
  • #6. Vibrant City
  • #7. Business Partners