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Why Study A Business Degree:

A Bachelor Of Business Degree Course In International Business offers a well-rounded skill set which will improve your professional career opportunities. Embark on a journey towards success with our Bachelor of Business degree courses, meticulously designed to equip students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today's competitive business world. Explore diverse specialisations and unlock opportunities for personal and professional growth with our comprehensive business programs.  

Business touches every part of our society and opportunities to work in the world of business are everywhere. Graduates are increasingly in demand across a wide range of sectors, from finance, accounting, management, and economics, to retail, sales, and consultancy. A degree in business is one of the most employable degrees you can choose—add in your own ambition, hard work, talent, and perseverance, and you will have near-endless opportunities for success.  The world of business is both demanding and rewarding, with exciting, fast-paced working environments and huge opportunities for progression, growth, and earnings. Business graduates go on to work for multinational corporations, for government organisations, small businesses and start-ups, non-profits, and NGOs—or even start their own businesses. If you aspire to the latter, a business qualification will equip you with the entrepreneurial, leadership, and organisational skills to kickstart your own venture.

You will obtain highly sought-after skills for the business sector.  A business degree qualification offers adaptable, transferable skills which can be applied in every aspect of your personal and professional life. A mix of practical and theoretical learning ensures a foundational skill set of both technical and soft skills, all of which are applicable across a wide range of industries, from finance and strategy to communications and IT and beyond. For any profession, a business course is the best way to learn formal leadership and management skills which can be put to use in a multitude of ways.

Business is a truly global field of study. Worldwide demand for business graduates allows students the opportunity to travel abroad or stay in Ireland once they have completed their studies, while the earning potential of a career in business ensures that a business qualification is a sound investment.

Why Study Business at Dorset:

Our Full Time Undergraduate Bachelor Of Business Degree Courses offer a balanced curriculum of theoretical knowledge alongside practical, employable skills. Students will learn from industry-experienced academic staff with exceptional standards, in an environment designed to develop the individual talents of each student.  Dorset College Dublin is a person-focused small, welcoming college with big ambitions and high expectations. Our graduates have gone on to work for multinational corporations such as Google, Meta, and TikTok, and our close proximity to Dublin’s financial hub has allowed us to build a strong business network which benefits students. At Dorset, you will have the opportunity to attend career fairs, visit major international organisations, and build connections in the professional sphere ahead of graduation.

 Both our Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business Degree Level 8 and our Bachelor of Business Degree Level 7  courses incorporate lectures and tutorials, alongside group and individual projects, to refine and develop the unique skill set of each individual student. We want our students to build on their existing talents, acquire new skills, and develop both their professional and personal lives. Strong professional development alongside personal growth prepares graduates not only for a life in business, but a life in the modern world. Our diverse student body brings a wide range of global stories, experiences, and lessons, reflecting the diversity of the real business world.

Dorset College Dublin offers an international learning environment within the internationally recognised framework of the Irish educational system. Our courses focus on the development of employable skills with real-world applications, ensuring that graduates leave Dorset ready to avail of career opportunities in any public or private organisation. Close links with professional bodies allow us to identify the most sought-after skills and place these skills at the heart of our courses. A 2021 survey of graduates of our Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business found that over 90% of respondents were either employed or self-employed.

Our Bachelor Of Business Degree Course will inspire you and give you limitless career options. Our Degree Courses will provide a perfect foundation for budding entrepreneurs and dynamic business leaders also giving the opportunity for further studies to advance your career.  At Dorset you will develop competencies on both a personal and professional level, equipping you with the tools needed to succeed in a global business environment.

Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business Degree
1 Academic Year
Full-Time / Part-Time
September 2024
January 2025
EU: €5400.00*
Non-EU: €7450.00
Part-time Funding Available through Springboard.**
Bachelor of Business Degree Level 7 NFQ
3 Years
September 2024
January 2025
EU: €4200.00
Non-EU: €6950.00