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Nursing Studies

Meet Gale Whelan

I chose to study Nursing at Dorset College as I had heard it was a good programme at a great college! I chose the evening Pre-Nursing course as it allowed me to continue working full-time while also studying. I previously spent some time working and training as a Healthcare Assistant and wanted to expand my studies.

The staff and Lecturers at Dorset College have exceeded beyond my expectations - they have been extremely understanding and helpful in my time studying with them. While studying at the college, I had one tutor that stood out to me and helped me immensely during my studies and has made me a better carer and person. Celine Lowry is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Celine is an outstanding teacher; she is kind and understanding and always go above and beyond for all her students. Celine has a great mind for healthcare and is brilliant at being able to teach and spread her knowledge, not just through power points or long lectures, but by being able to draw from her own experience and encourages students to share their experiences also so that we can learn from one another. I have had many tutors but none can compare to Celine. I will also mention that I would not have been able to complete my studies this year without the support and care from the admin staff at Dorset College, such as Patricia Kaufmann and my Tutors.

I would highly encourage anyone interested in studying Healthcare or Nursing to do so at Dorset College Dublin!

If you would like to apply for any of our Healthcare programmes, please email [email protected] today, or visit to learn more.

Gale Whelan
Nursing Studies
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