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Project Management

Meet Michael Lynch

What course did you study at Dorset College?

Project Management

How did you hear about Dorset College Dublin?

Recommendation from a friend

What was it about Dorset College and/or this course that appealed to you?

I chose Dorset College because of the recommendation and I´m happy with my choice.

How was your experience studying at Dorset College Dublin?

Excellent, everything was very well organised and the tutor was very knowledgable. I especially liked that several of the other students on the course were able to share real life experiences of project management.

Has your experience at Dorset College influenced your professional development?

I use what I learned to manage my own projects and have more confidence when starting a new project.

What recommendation would you have for those who are thinking about studying with us in the future?

Excellent college, choosing Dorset was good for me and the course has been extremely useful.

Dorset College is…

A great choice for professional courses because of the management and infrastructure of the college, personal development and the great people that I met on the course.

Michael Lynch
Project Management
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