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UX & UI Design Course - Professional Academy Diploma

Awarded by
Dorset College Dublin
10 Weeks Duration
Tuesday: : 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Start/End Date
15/10/2024 -17/12/2024
€970 - Discount 15% = €825
Deposit €75
SPECIAL OFFER! €970.00 Discount 15% = €825.00. Deposit €75.00 - To book a place on this Professional Diploma in UX & UI Design Course a deposit of €75.00 applies. Instalment Payment Plan is available.

How does this UX UI Design Course benefit your career:

Gain confidence and skills that will enable you to build your career and your professional value with an industry-approved UX/UI design course.

Hands-on User Experience design course, quality learning with project work building your portfolio, real-time interaction with tutors. UX is the future of design, a powerful complement to backgrounds in visual design, marketing, product, engineering, business strategy, and more, a UX design skillset can accelerate your job performance and provide excellent career opportunities.  This UX UI Design Programme 10 weeks duration is a valuable investment in your professional development, leading to increased job opportunities, career advancement, CV-enhancing qualifications, and improved earning potential.

Unlock your creativity and shape the digital world with our UX/UI design course, meticulously designed to equip you with the latest principles, tools, and techniques needed to create intuitive and visually stunning user experiences across digital platforms.  You will acquire the skills to design and structure UI, create wireframes and vector graphics and produce digital content for embedding in applications and websites that makes user interactions easy and straightforward.  

Practice and apply the skills as you design and develop web pages using UX/UI and enhance your career.  If you have any questions please contact our professional courses advisor at [email protected].

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What learning experience will this course offer you:

Our Industry experienced professionals will enable you to learn the core UX techniques needed to tap into a fast-growing field - the skills, tools, and processes necessary to become a UX designer.

This course will prepare you to meet the challenges that you face in this field of work with confidence. It will boost your career as it meets the evolving employer demands for UX/UI professionals.

Design Theory

  • Contemporary theories and standards in Interaction and Web Design.
  • Principles of design for Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Introduction to User Experience Design.
  • Introduction to Usability Principles.
  • Identify target audience types and their requirements.
  • Designing for access and compatibility.

UI Design - Working with Wireframes & Vector Images

  • Basic principles of vector images – How do they work? What are they used for? 
  • Creating and saving vector images, drawing and editing shapes, colours, and strokes.
  • Working with layers, type, gradients, brushes, symbols and effects.
  • Arranging objects and layers, grouping items, working with artboard, guides, rulers etc. 
  • Editing and combining shapes and paths.
  • Introduction to the pen tool.
  • Importing and exporting assets.

Introduction to Web Page Authoring

  • Writing and saving files for web.
  • How to structure a HTML page - Semantic and non-semantic tags, creating Text blocks, Lists, Tables, Links, and Images etc. 
  • HTML syntax – tags, attributes and values.
  • Meta-data and link structure in HTML. 
  • CSS syntax – selectors, declarations, properties and values. 
  • Format and Style in CSS- using id and class, working with margins, padding, alignment, floating, positioning etc. 
  • CSS Animation and media queries for dynamic and responsive design.

Sourcing, Editing and Embedding Media Assets

  • Basic principles of modern Irish/European Copyright Law – How to assess or assert the copyright status of a media asset.
  • Sourcing public domain assets online. 
  • Editing media and optimising for web publication.. 
  • Embedding media assets in a responsive website 
  • Understanding web-safe fonts. 

Web and App Animation

  • Core principles of animation – timing, anticipation, squash and stretch, ease in/ease out, overlapping action, follow-through, staging/framing, arcs, straight ahead and pose-to-pose, secondary action, solid drawing and appeal. 
  • Working with key-frames. 
  • Using curve editor to adjust the timing. 
  • Importing 2D assets. 
  • Creating bone-based animation – setting pivot points, grouping, and arranging. 
  • Sprites and setting sorting layers. 
  • Animating effects. 
  • Controlling animation via scripting.

Live Online Learning

Learn 100% Online

You can now up-skill or re-skill from the comfort of your own home with an industry-experienced professional who will provide you with inspirational lectures and all the support materials you need to achieve your goals.

Entry Requirements

Designed for those from a variety of professional backgrounds and experience levels, for example:

  • Are you a complete beginner who is seeking an interesting new career?
  • Are you a designer who wants to add UX/UI to your skillset or take your career to the next level?
  • Good working knowledge of computers and competence in spoken and written English.

Assessment & Awards

The assessment strategy is an individual supervised project (70%)..  Also students will be individually continuously assessed (30%) and an individual supervised project (70%) - A project designed to showcase your ability to use UX/UI.  

Assessment Method
Continuous Assessment 30%
Individual Project 70% 


Professional Diploma in UX/UI Design & Usability
Awarded by:
Dorset College Dublin

Flexible Payment Terms

To secure a place on this course a non-refundable deposit of €75 applies and the remainder paid in instalments.  You have the flexibility of using our online payment facility to manage your course payments at any time, from the comfort of your own home.

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Payment Plan

Deposit: €75
1st Instalment: €337.50 01/03/2024
2nd Instalment: €337.50 05/04/2024