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Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media

Awarded by
Dorset College
10 Weeks
Wednesday: 06.30 - 09.30pm
Start/End Date
27/04/22 - 29/06/22
Live Online Classes
10% discount available on the full price for eligible students whom pay a minimum deposit of €75 to secure their place on this course. From €895 to €805.50. Flexible Payment Terms available on the page below.

Why take this course?

You will develop the skills and knowledge to become a confident and capable marketing professional.

This Digital Marketing and Social Media course will provide you with a holistic view of all digital and social media channels and platforms and provide insights on how these can be aligned with the strategic goals of your business.  

You will gain the skills and knowledge to develop and implement a robust social media strategy that promotes trust and increases sales.  It will enable you to advance your career using the latest social media marketing tools such as Google Ads, SEO, social media marketing, google analytics, and much more.

What will You Experience?

You will gain the essential skills and knowledge in digital marketing and social media to kick-start your career and work as a professional in this exciting field.

You will design and build sharable content to optimise campaigns and understand the importance of content strategy and planning for success.

You will understand the key concepts of digital marketing and social media and how it has changed customer behaviour and the implications for your role and the wider business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Hands-on practical skills, understanding the various channels and activities required to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business.

  • Digital Marketing Operational processes.
  • Importance of e-business and digital marketing alignment.
  • Digital Marketing planning using SOSTAC framework.

Effective Website

You will learn how to build a website using one of the most popular cloud-based web creating tools.

  • Modern web development solutions and technologies.
  • Processes behind developing a website.
  • Interface design and security design of e-commerce website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Introduction
  • How to improve website visibility.

Use Website Analytics

Gaining insights

  • Web analytics principles.
  • Web analytics and GDPR.
  • Google analytics and reporting.
  • Future trends – from big-data to Insights-driven marketing.

Email Marketing

  • Design, build, deliver & measure email marketing campaigns.
  • Best practices for creating contact management and segmentation strategy.
  • Best practices for building quality contact databases and generating leads.
  • Future trends - Impacts of Artificial Intelligent (AI) on Email marketing.

Inbound and Content Marketing

  • The stages of Inbound marketing.
  • Content Marketing and learn how to set clear goals for the content.
  • Best practices for identifying your target audience, writing appropriate content, and reaching them.
  • Future trends - Artificial Intelligent (AI) and content creation.

Creating Digital Campaigns

  • Search Engines and how it is used in digital marketing.
  • Understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  • Plan, execute & measure paid search campaigns using Google Ads.
  • Future trends – Smarting bidding.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media channels.
  • Develop a content strategy for your social media plan.
  • Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs)  to measure your success
  • Future trends – Chatbots and Augmented Reality (AR)

Social Media Marketing 2

  • Impact of social listening and engagement
  • Relationship building on Social Media
  • Social Media advertising
  • Social Media crisis management

Mobile Marketing & Future Trends in Digital Marketing

  • The impact of the mobile revolution
  • Mobile marketing strategy
  • Key factors in mobile marketing
  • Future trends – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and marketing transformation

Integrated digital marketing plan – Presentation

  • Students present their learning in an integrated digital marketing plan to our panel
  • Feedback's are provided to each student

Live Online Learning

Learn 100% Online

You can now up-skill or re-skill from the comfort of your own home with an industry-experienced professional who will provide you with inspirational lectures and all the support materials you need to achieve your goals.

Entry Requirements

There is no specific entry requirement for this course.  If you are a beginner, business owner (small and medium-sized), or want to up-skills this course will set you on your way. Basic knowledge of computers is required.

Assessment & Awards

Assessment Method
The assessment will be practical in nature and will require the learner to focus on the practical elements of Digital Marketing and Social Media. 


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media Skills
Awarded by: Dorset College

Flexible Payment Terms

To secure a place on this course a non-refundable deposit of €75 applies and the remainder paid in instalments. You have the flexibility of using our online payment facility to manage your course payments at any time, from the comfort of your own home.

Pay Online

Full Course Fee: €895 (include Exam fee)
Discounted Fee: €895 - 10% = €805.50

Payment Plan

Deposit: €75
1st Instalment:  €410 20/04/22
2nd Instalment: €410 20/05/22
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