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Student Experience

Wellbeing Ambassadors

The Dorset College Wellbeing Ambassador programme is a wellness and mental health support initiative. This enterprise is learner lead, facilitated by Dorset College and a guaranteed safe space for all participants. It is open to all current Dorset College learners and promises to focus all aspects of wellbeing practices including engaging with external support networks.

Through this initiative we hope to promote positive mental and physical health by providing knowledge via the appropriate support services in Ireland. We want to expose our Ambassadors to practical ways of maintaining good mental and physical health practices to help them

Dorset College will provide the Wellbeing Ambassadors with a curated programme of talks and workshops from top wellness professionals, as well as access to charity supports. Programme We have agreed with our Ambassadors to two meetings per month in which to plan and discuss the events and talks they feel would benefits their personal wellbeing.

Our Ambassadors have access to a 24 hour WhatsApp group where they can share ideas, this is monitored by Kate Molloy Student Experience Lead.

As this is a wellbeing focused group, mental health concerns are likely to be discussed. Due to this our Student Experience has received Mental Health First Aid Training from Mental Health First Aid Ireland.