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3D Modelling, Animation & Game Design

Meet Natalia Pérez

We recently spoke with Natalia Pérez, a former 3D Modelling, Animation & Introduction to Game Design student.

"I am Natalia Pérez and I am originally from Barcelona, Spain. I am currently working in the Trust and Safety department for a Social Media platform. My plan is to continue learning about 3D modelling/Animation and build upon what I’ve already learnt at Dorset College to eventually make a career in this industry!"

Why did you choose the 3D Modelling Course?

The main reason I chose this course is that I am interested in the concept design process such as creating characters & 3D environments. I previously used Blender for modelling very simple 3D objects, but I wanted to do this course to learn the basics of modelling and animation as it is very important to have a solid foundation. That helped me to have a clearer path on how to progress

How was your experience studying at Dorset College?

I had a great experience during the enrolment and they taught a lot of content in a short period of time. Having a weekly project like creating a 3D model, learning to animate a character etc. kept challenging me & pushed me to get better. Looking at other students' amazing work is very satisfying and encourages you to keep learning. I believe that a teacher reviewing your work is beneficial for you as you can get very good advice, improve your designs and polish your ideas.

Would you recommend the course? What would you say for those
entering this field?

I would recommend this course for anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of creating 3D objects & animation and is not, at this point, sure where to start. If somebody decides to take this course I would recommend learning the basics of Blender just to get familiar with the tool. It is not required to have previous knowledge, but I think you will probably take more advantage of the course. And remember, enjoy the process as much as you can!

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Natalia Perez
3D Modelling, Animation & Game Design
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