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Our Online Payment Service gives you the flexibility to manage your course payments at any time, from the comfort of your own home. All payments are made in EURO and your account will be immediately debited.

What is required is your student number (ID) and date of birth which validates you to use the payment system.

You will have been issued with a student number on registration.

If you encounter problems when you are making a payment, please contact [email protected]

Note: Access to the system is open when you have outstanding fees due. If there are no fees due you will receive a validation error when logging on.

Security of your payment

The Dorset College site uses encryption technology which offers a high level of security. If you make a payment, your card information is not held by us, it is collected by our third-party payment processors, who specialises in the secure online capture and processing of credit/debit card transactions. Your payment will be processed by Stripe, who collects, use, and process your information, including payment information, in accordance with their privacy policies.

For further information about the safeguards used when your information is transferred outside the European Economic Area, see the section of this privacy policy below entitled Transfers of your information outside the European Economic Area. You can access their privacy policy via the following link:

Credit Card Payment & Issues