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Shane Ryan

Sales and Marketing Manager

Shane Ryan is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Dorset College. He has a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia from Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany and has a diverse skill set that includes project management, training, excellent organizational and analytical skills, as well as expertise in graphic design and digital marketing.

Shane brings a wealth of work experience to his role at Dorset College, having previously worked as a Multimedia Specialist in San Francisco, IT Manager in Shenzhen, China, and Head of Marketing at a leading international school in Shenzhen. 

He is excited to continue his career in the education sector with Dorset College and has recently returned to Ireland to be closer to his family and friends, while focusing on his career and professional development.

In his spare time, Shane enjoys music, travel, and cooking.

Sales & Marketing
Job Title:
Sales and Marketing Manager