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Sereth Kuri

Business Development Manager

Sereth is a Sales and Customer Service professional with over 7 years of experience in many different areas. Sereth enjoys helping students in determining and seeking their career and life goals, which is why her main area of expertise lands in the educational sector. Sereth also has experience teaching Positive Psychology and Sales Team Management. 

Holding a Bachelor Degree in International Business Level 8 from Dorset College Dublin, Sereth also holds an MBA in Quality and Productivity obtained from Mexico, where she is originally from. 

Working at Dorset College enables Sereth to be part of students' life and professional progress, as she can help them in their pathway by sharing her own experience as an International student Alumni. Sereth demostrates to students that their dreams of starting an International career can come true, and this is what fascinates her the most about her job. 

Sereth considers herself a strong and hardworking woman who represents the Latin women community in Ireland. Sereth believes in fullness which is desisting from reliving the past and worrying about the future. The present is where life happens. Living one day at a time is her life motto. 

Sereth loves painting, exercising, relaxing, and traveling to explore new cultures.

Sales & Marketing
Job Title:
Business Development Manager