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Dylan Lindo

Dylan Lindo

Dylan Lindo is a strategic progressive People, Culture and Talent Leader with extensive experience and success across global organisations at different levels and stages of growth, scalability, and sustainability including the Engineering, Financial Services, Fintech, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

As a natural visionary strategic leader he has successfully led and developed people and talent teams globally through:

  • The ability to tailor strategic business and people initiatives through cross functional collaboration with senior leaders and wider business stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of organisational and people needs.
  • Leadership and success of established, grown and sustained centres of excellence with the agility and flexibility to work holistically as a part of the organisation.
  • An enhanced in-depth understanding of change, whether via process improvement; culture and mind-set, managing complexity and communication.
  • Creating simplicity and driving continuation through direct professionalism with target-determined achievable goals to deliver an exceptional people experience ensuring overall business success through its people.

Though focussed on planning, people, strategy, stakeholders and success, he has a deep eye for operational detail, measurement, dashboards, and metrics that ensure the people organisation, business leaders, and talent specialists work in the most efficient, transparent, and mutually successful way possible, whilst removing any fear of failure and encouraging a strong sense of shared future throughout the employee life cycle.

At Dorset College, Dylan inspires future progressive people practitioners on the Level 3 – CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice. Providing a solid foundation for students to develop, grow and excel in the People Profession. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of St Andrews and is passionate about the connectivity of people and their organisations; Strategic acquisition, development, sustainment and retention of talent; and the utilisation of data and technology throughout the employee life cycle to inform organisations and their people.

Academic Lecturer
Job Title:
CIPD Level 3 Lecturer