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Colm Dunne

Lecturer Profile

Colm holds an M.Sc (MEME) from DCU, B.Sc. (Mgmt) and M.A. from Trinity College, Dublin. He also holds a Certificate in Training and Education from NUI Maynooth, a Henley Diploma in Management, and the Diploma in Management Services from DIT, Aungier Street. He is also a qualified and experience TEFL teacher. This qualification has proven invaluable in teaching learners who do not have English as their first language.

Colm Dunne is a very experienced and accomplished lecturer in the discipline of Management, specialising in all aspects of Business, over a 25 year period.

Colm has delivered a range of “Business” and “Management” modules in a variety of educational institutions including Dorset College, IBAT College, DDLETB, Athena College, LMLETB, International School of Business.

He has considerable industry experience having worked in a number roles and departments in Aer Lingus Ltd, O2 Ireland, ATC Dublin, and DCU. He was Project Manager for O2 Ireland, for Ryder Cup 2006. He was also responsible for the inception, planning, management and delivery of several very successful Marketing Projects as Consumer Programmes Manager with O2 and in Aer Lingus Ltd.

Throughout his career he has worked in Operations Management, Purchasing, Sponsorship and Event Management, Product Development, Logistics Management, Customer Handling, Learning, Development and Training and Sales and Marketing.

Having worked in a variety of departments in a number of institutions and gained considerable experience he can combine the theory of the subjects with the reality of business life. He believes in making it real.

Colm uses the practice of Academic Writing to assist students in the preparation and completion of assignments. Similarly the inclusion of tutorials on Exam Technique, Presentation Skills have proven both very popular and very useful to learners.

He believes that learning should be fun and inclusive and encourages active participation in the classroom. A combination of PowerPoint presentations, video, discussion and practical exercises are used in the classroom. Students are encouraged to keep up-to-date on daily and weekly business events nationally and internationally.

Job Title:
Business Lecturer