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Aongus Buckley

Academic Lecturer

Aongus holds a Degree in Commerce (UCD), MA Economics (UCC). I returned to Ireland in 2011, and have been working as a bank analyst for the Lafferty Group for most of that time. I began lecturing economics at Dorset College in October 2017, which I combine with my work for the Lafferty Group. 

I worked as an economist for the derivatives broker GNI, which was later taken over by the Man Group. Concentrating on the economies of the euro zone, Switzerland and Japan while working for GNI, and it was here that I developed most of my macroeconomic knowledge.

The famous monetarist Tim Congdon worked within the GNI group during my time there and while I disagree with many of the principles of monetarism, I left GNI with a strong belief that the money supply is an important determinant of the business cycle.

Published: “A firm-level study of strike propensity in Ireland” ( 

Job Title:
Business Lecturer