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Webathon 2020 Winner - Crimson Team

Our project was to create a brand and to create a website for it. So first, we had to create the graphic chart, the logo and the identity of our brand. We had 4 hours for this part. 

Here is our idea: “Cookie Factory is a family enterprise created in 1985. We offer a large variety of cookies, with a lot of flavours, like white or black chocolate, or blueberry.  

Our target is young, between 15 and 30 years old. They follow us on all our social medias. 

We want to diffuse gluttony in the world, to create happiness for people, and to have a good time together. With our 'sharing offers' (for every 2 cookies bought, the 3rd is -50% free), we want to encourage people to spend time together by sharing our cookies, or to keep our cookies for their gluttony! 

Then we had to create the website. We began with a template that we found, and we had to modify it to match it with our graphic chart. We had 3 hours for this part. We added our logo, our colours, our fonts, and here it is!  

What topic did you choose and why? 

We choose to create a company called Cookie Factory. Cookie Factory is a family enterprise created in 1985. We offer a large variety of cookies, with a lot of flavours, such as white/ black chocolate, or blueberry. Cookax, our mascot, promises everybody to have a good day. 'Life is crispy, so eat a cookie' is our tagline. At first, we were starting to choose a cloth brand, but after Antoine proposed a food concept. And Chloé founds the concept of a cookie factory with a lot of flavours. Antoine founds the name 'Cookie Factory' and the tagline. And Etienne found the name of the little character who became our mascot 'Cookax'. We chose the UI / UX test because we said to ourselves that our company should make people want to buy thanks to the design of the site.

How did you approach to the project as a group? 

It was difficult at the beginning because Antoine didn’t have the notifications on Slack, so he never knew when Chloé or Etienne were talking about the project asking him to do something. But we solved this problem very quickly as well! In our team there was no leader or a particular someone who assigned the tasks, we just say where we are better (for example Antoine was better in CSS and design). It was very cool because our team was very balanced, and we knew what to do quickly. Our communication was good and there was a good atmosphere in our group, everyone was chill and did the tasks very carefully. The last day was bit difficult because it was a bit complicated to work at 3 on the same HTML/CSS file. But we succeeded through it all!

What did you discover? 

We were able to discover the basics of HTML and JavaScript, so we saw how an HTML element is structured, how a classic HTML page is structured, and learned the other important basic features of the language. And for JavaScript, the syntax of this language is quite simple and intuitive. The part about UX UI made us explore a new way of thinking about a product, or how to see a product and think about its design. 

If you have to describe Dorset College in one word it would be... 


Indeed, we came to Ireland to discover a new country, a new culture, and a new life. And our wishes were accomplished. When we first came to Dorset College, we have discovered a nice building, in the heart of Dublin. It was very nice, but unfortunately, our experience stopped to soon because of the lockdown... but we enjoyed it a lot! 

Chloé Denis, Etienne Bonnafous-Boucher, Antoine Magne
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