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Meet Naue Tunes, our former Dorset Digital Marketing and Social Media student. She is a perfect example that if you really want to achieve something you can do it. This brilliant lady decided that she wanted to make a career in Digital Marketing, and you can read why it is not surprised to us, that she got her first job offer when she was studying with us, as a Community Manager at Hello Nina.

What company did you choose to work on?

I wanted to work on the social media plan and the website of a small bistro located in Dublin. I analyzed that there are lots of offices around this bistro and the client needed to optimize the time that a customer spends in the queue, given that most of them are on their lunch break.

Why you did the course? 

I wanted to start a career in Digital Marketing.

How was your experience with us?

In the middle of the course of studying Digital Marketing and Social media at Dorset College, I found a job in Marketing as a Community Manager for Hello Nina, a Marketing Company based in Portugal. Also, I've the chance to collaborate with Dorset Marketing Team after the course, making short videos with tips for small companies and Start-ups.

What have you learn overall? 

How to manage social media correctly, the world of analytics, and how to optimize. What is a buyer persona, how to target correctly to your customer, how metric the KPIs, keywords, etc. Also, I learned about website creation and digital marketing rules 

Naue Tunes is currently working in the Marketing Team at Print Solutions Ireland.

Naue Tunes
Digital Marketing & Social Media
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