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Bachelor in Science of Computer

Webathon 2020 Winner - Group Sapphire

We are 3 students from IIM School in France. We are finishing our bachelor in Digital communication and E-business (3rd year). 

1. Project description
The project was in two parts: For the he first one, we had to imagine and create a digital company : Some personas, create a complete style guide, create the logo of our company and prototype the website. 

Then, for the second part, we had to develop the website designed before and prepare a brief pitch about our company. 

  1. What topic did you choose and why?  We decide to create a digital company that provides service in SEM.  ’With our team of experts you won’t have to worry anymore with your e-reputation. Our target audience are website owners. We want to help each company website to penetrate the mystery of google with us.’’ 
  1. How did you approach to the project as a group? 
    We decided to list all the tasks to do and then, distribute all of them fairly!  But above all, we were a team, so we were always available to help each other, give some advice, and provide some feedback to achieve the best project! 
  1. What did you discover? We discovered new tools like GitHub and Slack but also to produce a lot of work in a small amount of time! 
  1. If you have to describe Dorset College in one word it would be... 

Real immersion 

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OIivier Dalsace / Arnaud Drilhon / Paul Clement
Bachelor in Science of Computer
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