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Parent Programme
Bachelor of Business
Level 7
Personal Business Finance (Elective)
Reference Code: BB7 709
Year 3
Spring Semester 2
12 Weeks Full-Time X 2.40 Hours per week
12 Weeks Part-Time X 1.75 Hours per week

Personal Business Finance

The Financial Plan

Personal business Finance

The indicative syllabus of this module is outlined in the units below:

  • The stages of a personal business finance plan
  • Determine the individual’s attitude
  • Prepare a personal financial plan, including cash budgets and projections.

The Financial Lifecycle

  • Describe how personal business finance management changes throughout an individual’s life from initial employment through to retirement.
  • Personal business finance and the social dimension.


  • Describe different insurance products both life and non-life.

Debt Management

  • Differentiate between good and bad debt
  • List the pitfalls that lead to high debt levels
  • Prepare a debt schedule
  • Detail ways of reducing debt.

Savings, Investments and Pensions

  • Describe different savings, investment and pension products.
  • Describe products that have tax breaks and the advantage of them.
  • Explain the relationship between investment risk and return.
  • Explain the difference between private and public pensions.

Regulation of the Financial Services Market

  • Describe the regulation of financial services.

Minimum Intended Learning Outcomes (MIMLOs)

Upon successful completion of this module, the learner should be able to:
LO 1
Assess the attractiveness of a range of personal financial products and issues for a particular individual’s financial goal(s)
LO 2
Outline the personal financial management process and the associated financial life-cycle requirements
LO 3
Evaluate the most common forms of personal investments
LO 4
Assess the relevancy of the regulation in the Financial Services Markets for various stakeholders


LO1, LO3
LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4
Final Written Examination

Reassessment Opportunity

Where the combined marks of the assessment and examination do not reach the pass mark the learner will be required to repeat the element of assessment that they failed. Reassessment materials will be published on Moodle after the Examination Board and will be aligned to the MIMLOs and learners will be capped at 40% unless there are personal mitigating circumstances.

Aims & Objectives

This module is intended to provide learners with an understanding of the nature and scope of personal business finance. It will allow learners to develop a knowledge and understanding of important household financial decisions by introducing relevant theoretical concepts, showing how actual calculations are made, and then discussing how these individual decisions are important for the individual and society.

  • Understand of the core concepts and techniques relating to the management of personal finances, such as returns to investments, risks of investments, financial planning and financial forecasting.
  • Compare and Contrast alternative forms of mortgage, debt management, investment and insurance, and the methods that can be used to analyse their potential costs and benefits.