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Wellness by Ibeth Díaz Tapia

Tell Us about yourself

Hi, my name is Ibeth Diaz Tapia, and I am from Bolivia. I live in Dublin for almost 2 years and nowadays, I am an International Business student at Dorset College.

Dorset Wellbeing Ambassador by Ibeth Diaz Tapia

How did you come with the idea of these two videos?

Kate Molloy, Our Student Experience Lead and Dorset Wellbeing Ambassador Organizer encouraged us to share this new social initiative on our social media. I like to spend my free time on my hobbies: photography, movie editing, and being outdoors. Thus, I asked my friends for help and as a result, more ideas came up. My aim was to generate positive emotions and demonstrate that we can reach these through every day in small things.

What wellness is so important today?

Wellness matters because it is an active individual pursuit of being healthy in body and mind. Every action and emotion relates to our state of wellbeing. This affects our actions and emotions and therefore we influence the people around us. The physical, social, and cultural environments in which we live can be influenced but Wellbeing is up to us, we are responsible for our own choices, behaviours, and everyday life each moment. When we feel content and happy, we share positiveness, and it helps to reduce stress and anxiety improving our physical and mental health.

Any advice for our students?

It is ok not to be ok, but you can choose how long you want to be there. I recommend focusing on what matters and on what is good, on all the positive things that you have done and what you have now, live in the present because this moment will not come back. Work on yourself every day to reach your goals, do not give up. You will be closer than yesterday. If you feel anxious you can take a break or try to connect with others, it will boost your wellbeing but helping people has an even stronger impact because you will feel your purpose in this life.

Dorset Wellbeness by Ibeth Diaz Tapia

How do you think Dorset is supporting students regarding this matter?

Covid-19 impacts the way we study, the way we should learn. Dorset College has been taking care about each detail since the beginning. There are social activities every week, class representatives in each group, there is a Wellbeing Ambassador team to encourage students to look for more mindful approaches to living life and also, there is a counsel that we can contact to help us in this challenging time.

Would you like to add something?

I really appreciate the opportunity that Dorset gave me. And I would like to invite my classmates to participate in the weekly activities that the school organises.

Ibeth Diaz Tapia
November 16, 2020
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