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FIDERH - Student loans to Mexican citizens

FIDERH (The Fund for the Development of Human Resources) is the federal trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico which provides affordable loans to help Mexican students pay for their graduate studies either in Mexico or abroad.

In October 2021 the agreement between FIDERH and the Irish Government was renewed, and we are looking forward to receiving more students from Mexico at Dorset College Dublin.

How does it work?

The scholarship has no administrative costs, no payments and no interest during studies. The repayments start 1 year after graduation, and the resources are delivered in the foreign currency and payback in Mexican pesos.

Discounts in payments may apply if the loan is paid off in time and students return to work in Mexico, also Interest payments are cancelled if students return to work in a Mexican university as a researcher or professor.

Students who have already started their program can also participate as long as the remaining study period is greater than 6 months from December 6th 2021. Educational Fundings favors the students' decision to study abroad.

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For more information about FIDERH scholarships please contact:


Banco de Mexico-FIDERH, Financiamiento Educativo, Gante 21, 1st floor, Centro Del. Cuauhtemoc, Mexico D.F 06000 City.

Ps.: This loan is exclusively available for Mexican applicant

January 5, 2022
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