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Dorset Trip - Olivier Cornet Gallery

Less Jam, More Havoc – Jaki Coffey and Kelly Ratchford

The Irish summer is in full swing and Dublin is alive with merry revellers. Although a visit to an art gallery is the first thing you think of in this weather but for me, it is the best time to go. It can be a cool reprieve from the direct sunlight and you can be guaranteed a nice quiet space to fully appreciate the work.

In saying that, we didn’t venture far from the College this week and took advantage of another great local space. The Olivier Cornet Gallery is only a stone through away from Dorset and a little hidden gem.

The Georgian fixtures such as sash windows are always a favourite of mine, so anytime I visit an exhibition that possesses these features is a plus for me. This is fitting as the importance of space in particular home interiors is a large part of the context of this show.

Students visited the Olivier Cornet Gallery

The work of Jaki Coffey deals heavily with home or place by depicting spaces that we became confined to during the Covid-19 lockdowns. The colour and playfulness in which these drawings are rendered give a different feeling then the notion of being restricted. There is a sense of vastness and warmth emitting from the page. Kelly Ratchford's work is the approach is more gestural and muted but showcases the sense of restriction through this. The work varies in scale but there are repeated motifs and colour palettes throughout.

Each artist's work has a childlike quality and reminds the viewer of long hours of play within the home, especially when that is all we had to for excitement.

Students visited the Olivier Cornet Gallery
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July 26, 2021
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