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Dorset Trip - Kerlin Gallery

For this week’s Art Tour, we took a gentle walk to the Kerlin Gallery on Anne’s Lane one of best contemporary art galleries in Dublin. It’s hidden behind a heavy wooden door, up quiet steps leading into a large bright white cube space.

The Kerlin’s current exhibition is Elizabeth Magill with ‘Red Stars and Variations’ which is showcasing a series of new large and small scale screen-prints on canvas. There is always a poetic sensibility to Magill’s work and this exhibition is no exception. Each piece has mystical energy or feeling to them combined with the surface almost glowing with pain

The work oscillates between ominous in tone to innocent star motifs, a balance that can be difficult to master but Magill does it with such ease. The screen-print technique is particularly successful as it creates a different approach to the canvas and makes the work seem nostalgic. I get a sense of longing for a time and place since past that cannot be articulated.

The sensitive treatment of nature and place is so intriguing to the viewer, it appears as both recognisably familiar and unknowingly strange all at once. This show needs to experienced and spent time with, the longer the better to full engage with the emotive sentiment of the work.

  • Kate Molly - Student Experience Leader

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June 29, 2021
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