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Dorset Network - Anti Fragile

Dorset Network - Anti Fragile

Written by Kate Molloy - Student Experience Leader

The Dorset Network is a voluntary project which began in October 2020. This was started as a way of giving our Leaners an opportunity to meet with Industry professionals and get career perspective and first-hand insights via a networking format.

The original proposal for the Dorset Network Programme was to invite personnel from a diverse cross section of the Business Industry to attend an in-person networking experience. Through the trials and tribulations of the Covid pandemic, the realisation that the event would need to be online eventually became apparent. After much debate it was decided that the event would deal with the topic of Anti-Fragile and being resilient in your career during the pandemic while embracing the online format.

Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better

It was important that the project would focus on specific areas that appeal to both Learners and industry professionals in particular how business methodologies can be used to pursue new career pathways.
The Network Team met for an hour each week to discuss project concepts, format and the roles they would be taking on for the project. The eventual idea chosen was to invite Denise Penteado The Queer Baker to give a presentation to our industry professionals and discuss how the pandemic gave her the opportunity to set up an at home baking business.

Our Dublin based attendees would receive a complementary cake from Denise with some extras added so they could decorate their cake themselves. It was important to the Network team to give every attendee a chance to participate in more creative ways.

It was also decided by the Dorset Network team that using this platform to create a charity partnership was a very important element. You in Africa was chosen to promote through the event, this NGO who have fed more than 700 children every day getting food and have almost put 50 teenagers through high school education. We were thrilled that Lucas Ong from You in Africa could join us for the event and talk about what he has being achieved so far.

This all culminated in Anti-Fragile our Online Networking event on Saturday the 19th of June 2020 hosted at Dorset College Dublin. The positive atmosphere of the day was so empowering for everyone involved. From the morning set-up at No:8 Belvedere Place with the Network team to the presentations to the introduction of our industry attendees.

It was so rewarding to witness all the hard work and many hours our Leaners put in to get this project off the ground. It was a complete success and gave everyone involved a chance to swap business viewpoints and the difficulties of working during the pandemic.

The Dorset Network would like to thank all our fantastic business insiders for giving up their time to share important career knowledge with the team, to Denis and Lucas for providing such uplifting and powerful presentations and finally to Dorset College staff who helped along the way.

Dorset Network Students:

Thayana Goulart

Danielle Siqueira

Larissa Monteiro

Jazzibe Santos

Claudia Souza

Roberta Bamberg

Ibeth Diaz

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July 5, 2021
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