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CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice

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20 Weeks
Tue & Thu: 06.30 pm - 09.30 pm + 1 Sat Workshop
28/03/23 - 17/08/23
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Why take this course?

Whether you're just starting out in HR or looking to take your career to the next level, this CIPD Foundation course will equip you with a wide range of relevant knowledge and expertise in people practice.   You will gain the confidence to drive your career forward and with CIPD membership, the recognition needed to work as a people practice professional. Download the Brochure

The benefits of a CIPD qualification and membership will:

  • Gives you a level of professionalism that is internationally recognised.
  • Give you the knowledge and skills you need to excel at what you do
  • Strengthen your reputation at work and the connections with the people you work with
  • Connect you to the professional future
  • Connect you to a large network of other people professionals
  • Connect you to the latest developments in the world of work

Students membership give you access to extensive resources and to online communities that enable you to connect to a large network of people professionals.

It will enable you to make a valuable contribution to colleagues, customers and the organisation, where you can showcase your ability and have a real impact in the workplace at operational level.

What will You Experience?

You will experience a wide range of people practice areas of study that will enable you to develop as a practitioner and grow in confidence with many opportunities to map out an exciting career path.

A friendly welcoming student-centered ONLINE learning environment with small class sizes and a team, who will support, mentor and guide you in achieving your goals.

Business, Culture and Change in Context

This module considers the impact of external influence and how the digital and commercial environment shapes businesses and the culture within which they operate.

The module also considers how diversity and inclusion principles are built into organisational practices.  How organisational assessments of people’s skills and capabilities and the strategic importance of workplace learning contributes to achieving competitiveness and high performance.

Planning and managing change within the workplace and the importance and role that people professionals play within change.

Learning Outcomes (LOs)

Upon successful completion of this unit learners will:

LO 1 Understand the business environment in which people profession operates, including the key issues that affect it
LO 2 Understand how people’s behaviour in the workplace affects and shapes culture.
LO 3 Understand the importance of effective management of change.

Module unit code: 3CO01     Module credit value: ECTS: 5

Principles of Analytics

Having regard to the legal context for record and data management (including employment law requirements and GDPR elements); this module examines: 

The importance of using data, including why it is essential for timely, ethical and accurate analysis and evaluation of personal information. 

How the application of agreed procedures, policies and sources of evidence helps to make choices and informed decisions.

Learning Outcomes (LO)

Upon successful completion of this unit learners will:

LO 1    Understand how evidence-based practice informs organisational measures and outcomes..
LO 2    Know how creating Value benefits employees, customers and wider stakeholders.

 Unit code: 3CO02     Module credit units ECTS: 4

Core Behaviours for People Professionals

This module introduces the core behaviours for people professionals, focusing on ethical practice to create value.  It explains the range of stakeholders with whom people professionals work and examines:

  • How working as a people professional benefits other people in an organisation.
  • Ethical principles and professional values, feeding approaches to work.
  • Ways of demonstrating positive working relationships with colleagues.
  • Processes and habits of effective reflection.
  • Proactive approaches to developing, recording and reflecting on professional knowledge, skills and experience

Learning Outcomes (LOs)

Upon successful completion of this unit learners will:

LO 1 Understand insightful approaches to supporting and maintaining ethics and professional practice.
LO 2 Be able to promote respect and inclusive working underpinned by professional courage and a passion for learning.

 Module Unit code: 3CO03    Module credit vlue ECTS: 4

Essentials of People Practice

In this modules you will gain the skills around effective recruitment, selection and appointment of individuals through the assessment of employee lifecycles, including where you are placed within this and attracting talented individuals.  Examining different selection methods and when it is appropriate to use them.

You will also learn how to participate effectively in a selection interview and the decision-making process for an identified role.  The importance of work-life balance and the concept of wellbeing in the workplace and why it is important.

Understand the main points of discrimination legislation and what diversity and inclusion mean and why they are important.

Learning Outcomes (LOs)

Upon successful completion of this unit learners will:

L.O 1. Understand the employee lifecycle and different roles within it.
L.O 2. Be able to contribute to the effective selection and appointment of individuals.
L.O 3 Know how legislation and organisational practices affect employment relationships.
L.O 4. Know the importance of performance management in motivating and retaining individuals.
L.O 5. Know the importance of reward in attracting, motivating and retaining individuals.
L.O 6. Understand how to support others to develop the skills and knowledge required to meet both individual and organisational objectives..

Module unit code: 3CO04     Module credit units  ECTS 11

Transition Arrangements

Learners who have successfully completed the CIPD Certificate in HR Practice Modules 3HRC & 3SCO are eligible for exemption from equivalent unit in new Qualification: 3CO01 Business, Culture and change in context.  Evidence to support the request must be provided and verified.

Live Online Classes

Learn 100% Online

You can now up-skill or re-skill from the comfort of your own home with an industry experienced Professional Teacher who will provide you with inspirational lectures and all support materials you need to achieve your goals. Download the Brochure

Entry Requirements

Entry to this course is by direct application to Dorset College with an interview held thereafter through our online facility.

The Application Steps:

Complete the online application form, upload your documents and you will be requested to pay a minimum deposit of €150. 

Requirements include:

  • Photo ID (Passport, Driving Licence etc).
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency for Non-Native speakers (If you do not have a certificate, please request an English interview for free with us).

Should you not have any document above, please contact us to discuss your eligibility for the programme ([email protected]).

Assessment & Awards

The assessments will evaluate the learner’s attainment of knowledge, understanding and skills through real-life scenarios which are employer-driven and what learners may encounter in their current or future careers.

You will complete assessments for each module that you study, enabling you to demonstrate the new knowledge you’ve gained and the skills you’ve mastered.

The assessments are submitted online and they are marked by our IV/Moderator and when all 4 units have been successfully completed they are up-loaded onto the CIPD portal for Moderation.

Provisional results will be issued by Dorset College; however, the result that leads to the award of the CIPD Certificate will be confirmed and released after CIPD Moderation.

The qualification is not graded and learners will receive a Pass or Fail.


  • Level 3 CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice.  Credit Value: 24 Credits.
  • The designation of CIPD Membership at Foundation Level with: “Foundation CIPD” after your name.

This qualification is equivalent to Level 5 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)  and  Level 3 in the UK's Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). 

Career & Progression Opportunities

The skills and expertise gained will enable you to work in roles including:

  • HR Administrator or Assistant
  • Learning Administrator
  • Employee Relations Assistant
  • Recruitment Co-ordinator
  • Assistant HR Analyst
  • Organisational Development Assistant
  • HR Shared Services
  • Talent Co-ordinator


This course is ideal for people who are:
  • New to the profession
  • Working in a support role and wish to gain a recognised People Practice qualification
  • Line managers who are involved in HR without a specialist function
  • Mature Applicants with relevant life and work experience



A Career evening will be provided to answer any questions you may have and provide information on how you see your career progressing with CIPD Qualifications.

Those who successfully achieve the CIPD Foundation Certificate (Level 3) will have the opportunity to progress to the CIPD Associate Diploma in People Management (Level 5) or CIPD Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development (Level 5).

Payment Plan

To secure a place on this course a non-refundable deposit of €150 applies.

The outstanding balance can be paid in full before the course starts or split into 3 instalments if necessary.

Course Fee: €1600 + CIPD Membership: €150
Full Course Fee: €1750

Payment Plan

Deposit: €150
1st Instalment: €533.33 21/03/23
2nd Instalment: €533.33 28/04/23
3rd Instalment: €533.33 28/05/23


Click here to access the provisional timetable for this programme.

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