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Artificial Intelligence Course For Business - Professional Academy Diploma

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Dorset College Dublin
10 Weeks
Tuesday: 18.30 - 21.30 p.m.
Start Date
15/10/24 -17/12/24
100% Live Online Classes
€990.00 - 10% Discount = €890
Deposit: €150.00
Special Offer - Artificial Intelligence For Business Dorset College Dublin - Course Fee: €990.00 - Pay deposit before 1st June and get a 10% Discount - Fee €890.00 - Apply Online!

Why take this Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Business Course:

In today's rapidly evolving world, understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential regardless of your career path. Discover the transformative potential of artificial intelligence with our in-depth courses, designed to equip you with cutting-edge skills and insights.  Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency in your business with our expert-led training programs.  This online Diploma in Artificial Intelligence For Business Course is designed to offer a comprehensive insight into all aspects of the Artificial Intelligence process, providing a solid foundation for any individual wishing to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence across a range of diverse industries. The AI For Business Course is meticulously designed to empower individuals with zero programming experience to grasp the fundamentals of this transformative technology.  Explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on both organizations and society, delving into its practical applications in addressing business needs. Gain comprehensive insights into the strategic, tactical, and operational implications of AI, and discover strategies for seamlessly integrating this technology with your organization's existing frameworks and practices. This course welcomes participants of all levels of experience and does not require technical skills such as coding

Exposure to AI opens doors to a multitude of career-boosting benefits. Whether you work in marketing, education, finance, or even the arts, the insights you gain will provide a crucial competitive edge.  You'll learn how AI streamlines tasks, analyses complex data, unlocks personalized customer experiences, and can even automate creative endeavours. The course will demystify AI jargon, giving you the confidence and skills to contribute meaningfully to AI-related aspirations within your workplace.

This Artificial Intelligence Business Programme 10 weeks duration is a valuable investment in your professional development, leading to increased job opportunities, career advancement, CV-enhancing qualifications, and improved earning potential. - Download The Professional Courses Brochure

What will I study on this course:

This AI course will prepare you to become better able to advocate for the responsible use of AI in your workplace and contribute to shaping a future where this technology benefits all.   Whether you're seeking to enhance your current role, future-proof your skillset, or simply want to be a well-informed citizen in an AI-driven world, this course is the next step your career development.

Week 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence AI

  • What is AI? History, definitions, and different types (narrow AI, general AI)
  • How AI Works (Simplified) Basic concepts like machine learning, algorithms, data
  • AI Around Us AI examples in everyday life (search engines, recommendation systems)
  • Perception vs. Reality Myths and misconceptions about AI

Week 2: Machine Learning Fundamentals

  • Supervised Learning Classification, regression, with examples
  • Unsupervised Learning Clustering, dimensionality reduction
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks Basic building blocks and concepts
  • The Importance of Data Data collection, bias, and data privacy concerns

Week 3: Artificial Intelligence in Action: Natural Language Processing

  • How Computers Understand Language Text processing and analysis
  • Chatbots and Virtual Assistants How they work, limitations
  • Machine Translation Challenges and breakthroughs
  • Sentiment Analysis Applications in business and social media

Week 4: Artificial Intelligence in Action: Computer Vision

  • Image Recognition and Classification How computers "see"
  • Object Detection Applications in self-driving cars and surveillance
  • Facial Recognition Uses, benefits, and ethical concerns
  • Image Generation Creative applications of AI

Week 5: Robotics and AI

  • Robots in Industry Automation and manufacturing
  • Robots in Our Lives Service robots, healthcare, companionship
  • Robot Movement and Sensing How robots navigate
  • The Future of Human-Robot Interaction

Week 6: Artificial Intelligence in Specific Industries

  • AI in Healthcare Diagnosis, treatment planning, drug discovery
  • AI in Finance Fraud detection, algorithmic trading
  • AI in Education Personalized learning, adaptive systems
  • AI in Retail and Marketing Customer behavior analysis, targeted recommendations

Week 7: The Ethics of AI - Artificial Intelligence

  • Bias and Fairness in AI How algorithms can perpetuate inequalities
  • AI and Privacy Data collection and surveillance concerns
  • Transparency and Explainability of AI The "black box" problem
  • Accountability for AI Systems

Week 8: The Impact of AI on Society

  • AI and Jobs Potential displacement vs. new opportunities
  • AI and Inequality The risk of widening societal gaps
  • AI and Warfare Autonomous weapons, ethical considerations
  • Regulation of AI Frameworks for responsible AI

Week 9: Creativity and AI - Artificial Intelligence

  • AI as a Creative Tool Art generation, music composition
  • The Changing Definition of Creativity Who is the creator?
  • AI-Human Collaboration in the Arts New forms of expression
  • The Value of Human Uniqueness

Week 10: The Future of AI - Artificial Intelligence

  • Potential for Artificial General Intelligence Moving beyond specialized tasks
  • Superintelligence Hypothetical scenarios and concerns
  • Beneficial AI Using AI to address global challenges
  • Shaping the Future We Want The importance of public engagement

Materials provided: All photocopies/handouts and PowerPoint presentations provided

How will YOU Benefit

It will enable you to look at AI in Context: Identify and explain examples of AI applications in various industries and everyday life.  It lays the groundwork for future career advancement. AI is reshaping entire industries, and having a solid grasp of its possibilities will position you favourably for new roles, collaborations, or promotions.

It will provide you with the skills to: Articulate well-reasoned personal viewpoints on the potential benefits, challenges, and future trajectory of artificial intelligence.  You might discover hidden ways to integrate AI into your current workflow, leading to increased efficiency and innovation.  Moreover, as AI raises ethical concerns about bias, privacy, and its impact on jobs, this course will equip you to be an informed participant in these vital conversations.

Aims and Objectives

This course aims to equip individuals with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence without requiring prior programming knowledge.  Our goal is to demystify this complex field, empowering students to distinguish between marketing hype and the true capabilities of AI.  We'll dive into the ethical and societal implications of AI, fostering thoughtful discussions about the technology's potential for positive change as well as its inherent challenges.

By the end of the course, students will be able to define AI, explain its components, and describe its diverse applications across industries. They will grasp the basics of machine learning, discuss ethical concerns like bias and privacy, and articulate informed opinions on the risks and rewards of AI.  Most importantly, this course aims to spark curiosity and confidence, enabling students to see how AI might enhance their personal lives and careers.

Entry Requirements

This course, "AI for Business," is meticulously designed to empower individuals with zero programming experience to grasp the fundamentals of this transformative technology.

This course is open to professionals at any level in any organisation and those who are aiming for a career transition.  The course aims to equip individuals with a comprehensive understanding of Artificial Intelligence without requiring prior programming knowledge.

It aims to spark curiosity and confidence, enabling students to see how AI might enhance their personal lives and careers.

Competence in both spoken and Written English.

Assessment & Award


The assessment of the AI course will consist of a project. This assignment will assess learners’ knowledge of artificial intelligence through the application of and demonstration of competencies in machine learning.   Also students will be individually continuously assessed and an individual supervised project (100%) - A project designed to showcase your ability to use AI.  

Assessment Method
Individual Project 100% 


Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (AI) For Business
Awarded by: 
Dorset College Dublin

Payment Plan

To secure a place on this course a non-refundable deposit of €150 applies.  A discount of 10% applies to  this course if deposit paid before 1 June 2024.

Course Fee: €990.00 - Pay deposit before 1st June and get a 10% Discount = Fee: €890.00

Deposit €150.00 Secures your place on the course
1st Instalment: 01/10/24 €370.00
2nd Instalment: 12/11/24 €370.00