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Advanced English skills for Academic Staff

B1/B2 on the CEFR
1 Week
20 Hours per week or
15 Hours Live Online
Start Each Month
May, June / July,
August, September, October, November
Face-to-Face or
Live Online Classes
Classroom Led: €499.00
Live Online €270

Why take this course?

English is considered to be the International Language of Business and the official language of the European Union and the most widely used in international Academic and business organisations around the world.

As an academic staff member, having advanced English skills is crucial for effective communication, teaching, research, and publication.

This intensive course is offered as a one-week immersion in English language, and is an excellent option for experienced academics who would like a new challenge or need English for specific professional situations.

What will I study?

The focus of the course is to develop language skills and build confidence to undertake and complete practical administrative and academic management tasks required within day-to-day operations and functions.

Participants will be exposed to a variety of practical scenarios and transactional situations and focus on appropriate language and grammar elements in order to improve their communicative output.

Who is it for?

This course is specifically aimed at Academic professionals who currently work in an English-speaking environment, or deal with students through the medium of English, and wish to advance their oral and written communication skills.

The requirement for entry to this course is:

CEFR B1+/B2 level (Intermediate Plus/Upper-intermediate level)

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of the course, the learners will be able to:

  • Produce a coherent piece of formal writing with the use of appropriate linking devices and suitable punctuation
  • Select the key points to include in a presentation and structure and organise accordingly
  • Use appropriate language to analyse and present data and trends through various visual aids
  • Articulate opinions effectively using appropriate language in a meeting context.