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Agitation Co-op - Temple Bar Gallery + Studios

Michele Horrigan, Catriona Leahy, Laurie Robins, Libita Sibungu

art trip

For our second Art Tour excursion, Dorset College Leaners and I visited Temple Bar Gallery and Studios.

Dublin City Centre is emerging slowly with the reopening of non-essential stores and art institutions however, the Temple Bar that we know and love is still much quieter than usual.

With that being said Temple Bar Gallery + Studios are a ray of sunshine and a real hive of activity. The current show titled Agitation Co-op is a group exhibition dealing with the subject of Landscape in Ireland and the USA.

The show uses a diverse combination of mediums and materials. From sculpture, photography, and video installation, the work in the exhibition has a unique approach to the notion of Landscape.

Encountering landscape imagery in the gallery space usually deals with the idea of beauty and the wonders of nature, however, in this exhibition, the artists are more concerned with geographical impact and how we treat the land. This is both approached through the concerns of colonial rule and the environmental impact on the landscape.

This was a thought proving show, in particular for the use of technology in translating the ideas of the work. The interactive curation was also an important factor when viewing the exhibition and made for a dynamic experience

  • Kate Molly - Student Experience Leader

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May 24, 2021
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