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Parent Programme
Bachelor of Business
Level 6
Human Resource Management
Reference Code: BB7 617
Year 2
Fall Semester 1
Full-Time X 2.30 Hours per week
Part-Time X Hours per week

Human Resource Management Modules

Human Resource Management - The Historical Development

The indicative syllabus of this Human Resource module is outlined in the units below:

    • Origins and evolution of the human resource function;
    • The nature of Human Resource Management.
    • Contrasting human resource management and personnel management;
    • The emergence of the Personnel Manager as a professional.
    • Organisational Behaviour and development.
    • Factors affecting employee development.

Human Resource Management - Strategy & Performance

  • Human resource planning and organisation.
  • The strategic context of human resource management;
  • Corporate, business, and functional strategies;
  • Human Capital management.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Best practice; Best fit; as a source of competitive advantage.
  • Corporate Social responsibility.

Human Resource Management - Core activities

  • Major functions of HR in organisations - attracting, developing and maintaining an effective workforce;
  • Resourcing people.
  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Talent planning.
  • Strategic Leading & Development.
  • The process and practice of L&D.
  • Leadership and management development.

Performance management reward

Human Resource Management

  • Reward management strategy and systems.
  • The practice of reward management.

Managing the Employee Relations

Human Resource Management

  • Strategic employment relations.
  • The employee relationship.
  • Psychological contracts.
  • The practice of Industrial relations.
  • Employee Relations Practice; collective bargaining, negotiation, conflict resolution.

Teamwork, Leadership and Conflict in the Workplace

Human Resource Management

  • Motivation: Maslow, McClelland and Vroom.
  • Types of leaders.
  • Types of teams.
  • Stages of team development.
  • Disagreements in the workplace and how to resolve them.
  • Conflict management styles.
  • Negotiation techniques.
  • Dealing with bullies.
  • Harassment in the workplace.

Minimum Intended Learning Outcomes (MIMLOs)

Upon successful completion of this module, the learner should be able to:
LO 1
Describe how the human resource function has evolved to its current state.
LO 2
Critique the influencing factors underlying Human Resource Management Practice.
LO 3
Apply relevant theoretical perspectives to human resource specific work situations, such as selecting staff and managing performance.


1, 2, 3

Reassessment Opportunity

Where the combined marks of the assessment and examination do not reach the pass mark the learner will be required to repeat the element of assessment that they failed. Reassessment materials will be published on Moodle after the Examination Board and will be aligned to the MIMLOs and learners will be capped at 40% unless there are personal mitigating circumstances.

Aims & Objectives

The aim is to provide learners with a foundation in the fundamental principles of Human Resource Management.

  • Understand the human resource strategy in achieving goals in a modern organisation.
  • Understand the key human resource issues such as selecting staff and managing performance.
  • Recognise how the human resource function should be performed by organisation.