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Parent Programme
Bachelor in Computing (Level 7 NFQ)
NFQ Level & Reference
Level 7 / Ref: M3.8
12 Weeks X 3 Hours per week
Games Design 1
Module Credit Units

Game Design 1

Introduction to Game Design

This Game Design module will equip learners with an in-depth knowledge of the ideas behind games and other applications and user engagement. The module focuses on the design and development of digital games using a standard games development environment. The module introduces the learner to the issues and methodologies behind the rules and play of games.

Indicative Syllabus Content

Game Design Structure

  • Platform Specific design
  • Motivation and Objectives of Game Play
  • Formal elements – rules, procedures, mechanics
  • Players Roles
  • Difficulty Curves

The Computer Game Design Process

  • Starting the design process (paper to digital prototyping)
  • Game Concept
  • World and character building
  • Interaction design

Design Production

  • Pitching Ideas
  • The Production Process
  • Production realities
  • Asset creation
  • Models and animation
  • Level design
  • Game Physics
  • Sound Design
  • UI design basics
  • Prototyping & Playtesting
  • Engaging the user
  • Emergent gameplay

Introduction to Game Programming Concepts

  • Scripting – syntax, functions, variables
  • Handling user input
  • Collision detection
  • Events and triggers
  • Creating methods and events

Minimum Intended Learning Outcomes (MIMLOs)

Upon successful completion of this module, the learner should be able to:
Conceptualise and develop ideas for games.
Appraise phases in game development from prototyping to a final artefact.
Analyse the structure of games and their formal and dramatic elements.
Evaluate different approaches to games design, level design and engagement.
Use skills acquired to build a basic game prototype


1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Assignment (pre-production)
Total 100%
Assignment (project)
All Assignments

Reassessment Opportunity

Where the combined marks of the assessment and examination do not reach the pass mark the learner will be required to repeat the element of assessment that they failed.   Reassessment materials will be published on Moodle after the Examination Board Meeting and will be aligned to the MIMLOs and learners will be capped at 40% unless there are personal mitigating circumstances.

Aims & Objectives

This Game Design module will ensure learners meet the following objectives:

  • Understand the fundamental ideas behind the design of games and other applications.
  • Create a computer game implementing design theory, design process and design production to a commercial standard.
  • Construct user experiences using rule design, play mechanics, game balancing, and the integration of visual, audio and textual elements into the game.
  • Understand the iterative nature of the design methodology, games documentation and play testing.