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What is Health Service Management?

Behind every healthcare delivery system is a Health Services Manager. Health care management encompasses the efforts involved in planning, directing, and coordinating nonclinical activities within health care systems, organizations, and networks.

Health Services Management is a focused branch of management that requires specific knowledge of health care operations and technology, whilst also incorporating specific soft skills such as the ability to motivate team members, collaborating with multiple stakeholders and proactively implementing needed changes.  

Health service managers complete all the important behind-the-scenes work that makes healthcare accessible and possible to patients of all backgrounds. Health service managers have the organizational, legal and financial knowledge that coincides with the ever-changing healthcare policy and law. Along with this, they understand the complex landscape of insurance, and help guide people through this process. Healthcare administrators are a field in high demand, especially following on from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

In Ireland, Health service managers can work privately, but most work for the HSE in the Republic or the NHS in Northern Ireland to make sure the organisation, whether this be a hospital, GP surgery or community health centre, works efficiently and effectively. Duties include supervising staff, setting and maintaining budgets, and implementing policies based on government guidelines. 

Work activities may also include: 

  • Managing budgets and costs. 
  • Liaising with clerical, medical and professional staff at all levels, providing support to other department managers and staff. 
  • Ensuring health services meet national standards. 
  • Using computer software to record and retrieve data. 
  • Monitoring and developing services; implementing policies and installing changes. 
  • Directing, coordinating, and monitoring medical and non-medical resources, facilities, and services. 
  • Dealing with enquiries, complaints, and solving problems. 
  • Planning projects. 
  • Drafting reports. 

Dorset College Dublin offer a Diploma in Health Service Management as part of our Professional Courses. This is an 11-week long course with face-to-face classes taking place in the college. This programme is designed for aspiring or middle managers looking to develop their personal skills and develop managerial competencies.  

Throughout this course you will learn from an experienced Health Service Management professional lecturer using individual exercises, group discussions and formal presentations to help learners develop skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, influencing, strategic thinking, planning, and organising in healthcare. The programme will also introduce the Agile approach and techniques and how they can be used to foster innovation.  

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If you would be interested in entering the field of Health Service Management, email our Sales Advisor at [email protected] for further information.  

August 16, 2022
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