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ST Alphe In-Person+ Conference

The ST Alphe InPerson+ Conference 2022 was a two-day event held in Dublin, Ireland, which offered the opportunity for language providers, higher education institutions and service professionals to meet in person with agencies from across the world. This conference introduced agents from various Irish institutions, such as Dorset College Dublin, to help recruit international students for language and degree courses, and showcase the brilliant opportunities available to students who wish to study in Ireland.  

Alphe Conference


The conference was sponsored by ELE Ireland (English Language Education Ireland) who are a group of professional, globally recognised and quality-driven Irish institutions based across Ireland. ELE Ireland comes together to showcase Ireland as a great place to come study English and highlight language schools across the county. ELE Ireland proactively enhances the positive experience of English language students and staff, and Dorset College is proud to be a founding member of this organisation.  

The conference took place from May 20th – 22nd at the Castleknock Hotel in Dublin City Centre. Dorset College Dublin’s Director of Sales & Marketing, Nathalya Musa, represented the college and spoke with various agents from Mongolia, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil and much more! The importance of education and strengthening the relationship with agencies for international students was the aim of this conference. 


Founding members of ELE Ireland

As the ST Alphe Conference Manager, Ash Rees notes that ‘Ireland is already established as one of the most popular destinations for English language study, and is a burgeoning destination for students. With many companies expanding and globalising their teams, now is a better time than ever to learn English and expand your career opportunities. 



The Conference is a great opportunity to meet Agents from across the world

Dorset College Dublin offers in-person Pre-Sessional, General & Business English classes as well as Professional and Bachelor’s degrees. If you would be interested in learning more about these courses, our Sales Advisor would be happy to discuss this further with you.  

Find out more about ELE Ireland and future ST Alphe Conferences:  

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Find out more about ELE Ireland and future ST Alphe Conferences:  

June 7, 2022
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