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Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

Meet Bruna Palmeira

My name is Bruna and I’m Brazilian. I am a Portuguese interpreter at, where I provide communication support for government bodies in Ireland and Portuguese speakers in the state.

What programme did you study at Dorset College and why?
I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business. Being an International student, it is natural to be interested in social, political, and economic climates not only in Ireland, but around the world. I found it was the correct path to continue my studies after I graduated last December, on the Bachelor of Business Level 7 course at Dorset College Dublin.  

Why did you choose to study with us?
I was searching for an educational institution where I would be able to learn, not only following the books, but also while creating and experiencing, in practical ways how the business environment and theories are applied. A friend of mine is a Dorset Alumni and told me about the college, and I realized it checked all the requirements I was searching for. 

How was your experience studying at Dorset College?
My experience at Dorset College has exceeded my own expectations! Three years ago I was unsure how I would cope coming from a completely different background into a business education while also coping with work. Now, I am positive I have taken the right path in choosing Dorset College.

What values do you think Dorset College offers on a professional or personal level? 
The academic staff have engaged and communicated in such a positive way, where I as class representative felt comfortable when seeking support for my fellow classmates. Collective identity and critical thinking were perhaps the two most valuable areas that we received as students. It is essential to understand and promote diversity in and out the classroom, as well as to identify different perspectives to challenging situations.

What recommendation would you have for those who are thinking about studying with us?
I would recommend prospective students to embrace life at Dorset College. Obstacles may arise, however, with an open mind and a positive attitude you will go a long way. Be open to experiencing a cultural 'melting pot' which will prepare you for the ever changing world. The lecturers will see your true potential and push you to find your own path.

How has your experience at Dorset College influenced your professional development?
My experience at Dorset College has influenced me to be more proactive and daring. Coming from a Linguistics background, I knew changing education/career into the business environment would not be the easiest task. Nevertheless, at Dorset College, I was able to welcome these changes and embrace the differences, setting new goals in my professional life which reflected positively in my personal life.

Dorset College is… Growth. I have grown and overcome so many limiting beliefs in the past three years, and I am excited about what lays ahead of me. I now fully embrace my potential and know that I can be much more than I believed.

Bruna Palmeira
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business
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