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Bachelor of Science in Computing and Multimedia

Maksym Vavilov

My name is Maksym Vavilov and, as you can guess from the name, I am not a local. To be more specific, my home country is Ukraine. After finishing my studies at Dorset College, Dublin, I have continued my study at Maynooth University as a Master’s student in Computer Science.

What programme did you study at Dorset College & why?

At Dorset College, I was doing a Bachelor of Science in Computing and Multimedia course and completed it in 2019 with distinction. IT is one of the fastest-growing areas and people in it most actively build the future. Therefore, Dublin is the best place to start due to the number of IT companies around.

Why did you choose to study with us?

Studying aboard was more a leap of faith, but two things made me choose Dorset College. First - is the diversity of the course: Computer Science is huge and to get a taste of each of the areas is priceless. Second - small class sizes that make possible a dialogue between you and a lecturer.

How was your experience studying at Dorset College Dublin?

There was always a member of staff to help you with anything and the lecturers are true professionals with not only the theory behind them, but every time was able to light the spark inside the student. Yes, it wasn’t easy, but everybody was enjoying it and with lots of practice you feel yourself a part of the IT community.

What three values do you think Dorset College offers on a professional and personal level?

Dorset College offers experience in the practical implementation of all the theory you will learn. On the day of the first time you launch your app on a phone or a website, will give you so much confidence and will only motivate you to continue. If you are following your dream, like myself, you will find the same kind of like-minded persons around you here.

What recommendation would you have for those who are thinking about studying with Us?

If you are reading this, then you are thinking about studying here. The only recommendation I can give in this case – weigh carefully all the pros and cons and make your own decision from there. For me, it led to one of the best choices I’ve ever made. And if my words aren’t enough – try speaking with others who were / are studying here.

How has your experience at Dorset College influenced your professional development?

I’ve come to Dorset College as an undergraduate with only the desire to study Computing. After graduation, I left as a professional who has knowledge and experience in many areas in the field. Now, I’m confident in the path I’ve chosen for life and I know that I’m able to realize myself.

Dorset College is…

For me, Dorset College is not just a place or a marker on the map. It is the staff at reception who will answer all my questions. It is a group of guys I’ve been studying with and discussing new concepts. It is a lecturer that stays after the end of the class to give you an insight into today’s topic. Dorset College is a time in my life I will always remember as one of the best.

Maksym Vavilov
Bachelor of Science in Computing and Multimedia
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