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Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business

Global Sales Project: An in-depth analysis of E&Y

The aim of this project was to analyze the global structure of a leading company. For this purpose, I chose Ernst & Young. The reason I was attracted was that it is a giant company which operates at a global level, with enviable performance and where its main source of success is its people and constant innovation. 

Project description 

The project was an attempt to explain the company's sales models, as well as the role of technology. Technology is the cornerstone of any startup or small business, but it is also crucial for companies that are at the forefront and who want to continue on this path as market leaders. 

Today, companies are going through an unprecedented situation where investment in AI, robotics, software and process engineering is the key to success. On the other hand, I found it very interesting to be able to analyze the challenges that the company had to overcome, to become what it is today (from corruption cases to communication between the different areas). Happily, the company was able to overcome all these obstacles through a joint effort, and with the trust of customers who continue to trust Ernst & Young every day. 

Project Findings 

It was a great challenge for me to research this company since it allowed me to observe how multinational companies operate globally with such efficiency and effectiveness, with employees with the first banner to achieve success. With continuous technological development over time, and the need to invest with the future in mind, I believe that these differentiating factors are that they position Ernst & Young as a model company. At the same time, being able to visualize how, despite being a company mainly dedicated to financial / accounting services, the other areas are fundamental links for optimal development. 

About Pablo

My name is Pablo Muller and I am a Communication & Public Relations graduate, with a Master's Degree in Political Analysis. I have vast experience in both the public and private sector.

I am currently doing a Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business at Dorset College, Dublin.

My hobbies include; reading and playing the guitar.

Pablo has collaborated with our New website, as he has written our Student Portfolio Guidelines.

Pablo Otto Müller
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in International Business
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