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Dorset Trip - The Royal Hibernian Academy

With lockdown finally lifting and the outdoor dining back in action we took a sunny stroll to The Royal Hibernian Academy on Ely Place. The walk from Dorset College to the gallery was almost surreal as there appeared to be life in the city again, from teenager’s summer shopping to city workers enjoying lunch outside.

The gallery space was a cool reprieve from the midday sun however the work on show was a ray of sunshine in itself. We visited Damien Floods show Tilt which has easily stood out as the strongest show I have seen in 2021.

The exhibition is a balanced combination of lush, rich paintings and Aztec influenced sculptures. Floods use of colour is so engaging for the viewer, there is a depth to the pieces mixed that is created by the natural tones of the linen surface. The sculptures and pots represent both craft and history that calls out to the audience.

This is a painter’s show, there is no question about that. The treatment of the medium and surface is a real treat to the eye. This show is worth a second visit, maybe even a third.

  • Kate Molly - Student Experience Leader

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June 14, 2021
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