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Dorset Trip - Royal Hibernian Academy

For this week’s art tour, we revisited the Royal Hibernian Academy to view Sean Scully’s exhibition Eleuthera. The sense of normality filtering back into the streets of Dublin city makes for a joyful walk to the gallery space.

This show is a huge departure for Scully who, for this series abandoned his is synonymous interlocking abstracted grid like patterns for a more figurative series of work.

The series is inspired by beach images of Scully’s young son which helps to establish a real sense of warmth within the work. Each piece in the show seems to undulate into the next piece and so forth creating a wonderful flow to the work and the curation.

There is a strong and diverse use of colour in this show, which is much less earthy than Scully’s usual work. His use and or display of drawing in the exhibition is also a nice opportunity to witness the progression of the work from studio to gallery space.

The variation in scale of the work is also a change for Scully but works particularly well in this show as it mixed both finished work and some pieces that seems almost paused in motion.

It is a wonderful exhibition to see in person as the vibrancy of the paint glows off the canvas and engages the audience right from the beginning.

  • Kate Molly - Student Experience Leader

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June 22, 2021
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