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Dorset Trip - Gallery of Photography Ireland

August Student Experience

It’s mid-August and the weather is beginning to change, there is a feeling of anticipation in the air with our September term fast approaching.

Instead of our usual Friday Photography Competition, I thought it was important for our budding photographers to visit the Gallery of Photography Ireland. This gallery is situated in the middle of Temple Bar, which thankfully appears to be getting back to normal after the many lockdowns we have endured these last months.

This was the perfect time to visit the space as the current exhibition was a showcased of images of Ireland from the 80’s to present day. The show entitled Parr’s Ireland: 40 Years of Photography by Martin Parr. A very important overview of how Ireland has transformed as a country over the last 40 years.

It was particularly apt that the Learners joining us today have not been living in Ireland for a very long time and it provided a great opportunity to see the Ireland we have today compared to that of the recent past.

There is a knowingness to Martin Parr’s work, like a nod or a wink from an old friend. The way in which he photographs the Irish people and our traditions is very affectionate but always completely honest.

However, the real feature of the exhibition is the rapid transformation of Ireland over a really short period of time. This is displayed beautifully using black and white images, verses, colour and the significance of religion during the 70’s.

This show is both engaging and educational, a true representation of the vast changes in Ireland throughout the last forty years.

  • Kate Molly - Student Experience Leader

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August 16, 2021
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