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Dorset Students Visited Guinness Storehouse

On a cold but sunny Friday afternoon, the Student Experience team took off to visit Dublin’s most iconic attraction, the Guinness Storehouse.

It felt like the perfect time to take a walk across the streets of Dublin, with shoppers milling about and a hum of excitement throughout the city centre.

A sip of the black stuff is the only thing our Semester Abroad students need to become full-fledged Irish citizens. It may be an acquired taste but a necessary one when living in the capital, especially during the colder weather.

Guinness storehouse

The Guinness brand is recognisable throughout the world and the Storehouse is a real treat for any Guinness enthusiast. The building consists of seven beautifully restored floors, with each one being a unique experience.

Dorset students

The students had a wonderful time learning about the brewing process and the history behind our national drink. While partaking in a variety of different Guinness products our Semester Abroad students also got the best view of Dublin at the 360 Gravity Bar.

Guinness branded beers
Students visit Guinness Factory

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November 12, 2021
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