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Dorset Students Visited Belfast & Titanic Museum.

On Saturday the 13th of November Dorset College students took off to visit the vibrant city of Belfast. It was an unusually mild day in Dublin for mid-November, a good sign for any day trip in Ireland. Taking off from Dublin the tour driver Aiden pointed out notable landmarks on the way out of the city and provided a wonderful telling of the background and history of Northern Ireland.

The first stop of the day was the magnificent Titanic Museum in East Belfast. This is a superb attraction for the city and has welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors since it first opened 9 years ago.

The museum is based in Queens Island on Belfast Lough where the Titanic was originally built, this is where it all began before it was sent to Liverpool to take off on its first and only maiden voyage. A wonderful place to visit for those who are still curious about this tragic tale and the workmanship that was involved in its creation.

The next part of the Belfast experience was to take a driving tour of the murals that are synonymous with the culture of the city. Creating an imprint or statement through visual art is something that Belfast does better than any other city. The walls of the city are full is amazing artwork, both traditional and contemporary. This is a practice that started as a way to advertise the political leaning in certain areas of a once divided city but has now become a showcase for artistic talent and culture.

Game of Thrones Mural

Belfast boasts some stunning Churches and Cathedrals within the city they are worth the visit for anyone interested in religious history. The beauty of the architecture and the care is taken in their restoration is something to truly admire.

After a long stroll around the city centre and exploring what there is to offer it was time to make the way back home to Dublin, tired but happy.

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November 16, 2021
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