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Dorset SpeaXs: Open your world to new possibilities

In an exclusive conversation with Peter Sonderegger, he expresses what he considers are the key points to keep in mind for a breakthrough in Business Innovation.

Peter Sonderegger is a Swiss entrepreneur, co-founder of Strategyzer, makers of the Business Model Canvas and the Value Preposition Model that many Universities and College teach today. used to reverse engineer the financials of Nike Flyknit's business model 

During the session, he told us that putting the famous Canvas Model to work was a real challenge, since the initial idea of Alexander Osterwalder was to show a framework for computer students.

Peter mentioned the act of listening and open up yourself to criticism can be a complicated process, but it is what will allow us to 'transform'. He added, 'you should not always be in love with the first idea, you should be open and receptive'.

Definitively a new motivating talk with a person passionate about creating and giving solutions to specific problems. We hope to hear from you again soon!

Written by Pablo Müller (Dorset International Business Student)

August 4, 2020
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