Money Jar Partnership with Dorset College Dublin

Dorset College Dublin are proud to announce a partnership with Money Jar, the 100% Irish owned alternative to a banking current account. Money Jar is your digital current account which provides an Irish IBAN (International Bank Account Number) with every account. Through the Money Jar app, Dorset College learners will get an Irish digital current account to help manage your money hassle-free and avoid any financial surprises. 

Money Jar is a safe, secure, and simple to use Digital Current Account for day-to-day banking requirements. The app comes with Mastercard and supports both Apple and Google pay. Dorset College Dublin students can open a Money Jar account today without any fees for 6 months. International students can open an account with Money Jar and obtain an Irish IBAN, allowing you to pay bills, send and receive money from other accounts, make mobile and online payments and improve money management. Within minutes, students will receive their Irish IBAN number by providing an Irish address. Unlike Revolut, Money Jar can be used to prove the money request for Visa purposes.  


For Dorset College students to set up their Money Jar account, all you need is a government approved identification document (from any country), an Irish postal address (temporary accommodation, hotel, hostel etc.) and you will have your digital current account. Students can also take advantage of Money Jar’s other features such as Irish IBAN compatibility with all payroll systems, bank to bank transfers, direct debits and much more.  

Dorset College Dublin are looking forward to collaborating with Money Jar in the future to ensure all students are in safe hands when it comes to their banking needs.  


For more information on the fantastic benefits of Money Jar & how you can get 6 months with no fees, please email the Student Experience Lead, [email protected]

Visit to the National Botanical Gardens

The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin are located in Glasnevin, just three kilometres from the bustling Dublin City Centre. This oasis away from the city houses approximately 20,000 living plants and many millions of plant specimen. The Botanic Gardens are famous for their perfectly restored historic greenhouses and the beautiful grounds that surround it.

Recently, two of Dorset College Dublin’s EFL students enjoyed a trip to the Botanic Gardens. This is a brilliant attraction for students to visit as it is free and open on weekends. The National Botanic Gardens frequently hold events, so we highly recommend keeping up-to-date with their website for anything that may catch your eye!

EFL students enjoying their day out

Dublin One Hotel Opening

On the corner of Dorset Street and North Circular Road, Dublin One is a recently opened hotel and creative hub designed for creative minds and social spirits. Dorset College were kindly invited to the official opening of Dublin One, with many local businesses and community groups joining this exciting event, coming out to show support for our new neighbours.  

Dublin,Hote,Opening,Offical opening,Networking,neighbours,newbuilding,facilities,careers

Guest were greeted by Mark, the Assistant Manager, who kindly offered to show the different type of rooms available in the hotel and gave our group the background as to why they chose this area to set up the hotel. Dublin One is located on a bustling street lined with restaurants and shops and is only a ten minute walk from Croke Park stadium, making it the perfect spot for a pre-concert meal or a comfortable bed for the night.  

Dublin,Hote,Opening,Offical opening,Networking,neighbours,newbuilding,facilities,careers

The hotel boasts stylish rooms with modern ensuite bathrooms, smart TV’s, Wi-Fi, a contemporary restaurant/bar, café and courtyard. Just next door is the Big Tree, one of the oldest pubs in the city of Dublin, where you can experience homemade meals or traditional Irish music.

Dublin One continues to be a great asset to Dorset Street and to the learners of Dorset College. They regularly have job postings for part-time positions, perfectly suited for students and their busy schedules. Being a five minute walk from the college and surrounded by various modes of public transport, these roles are ideal to work around the lifestyle of Dorset College students. 


Dublin,Hote,Opening,Offical opening,Networking,neighbours,newbuilding,facilities,careers

To find out more about Dublin One Hotel & to visit their careers section, follow the link below:

Hello, How R U? - Mental Health Campaign

Mental Health Campaign 

Mental health Ireland held their ‘Hello, How R U?’ campaign on Thursday, the 7th of April 2022. Hello, How Are You? is a mental health promotion campaign which supports people to confidently connect with others and to have open conversations about mental health and wellbeing. This campaign also supports empowerment through the provision of reliable information of mental Health services in Ireland, and signpost helpful resources for those seeking help.  

mental health,campaign,ireland,dublin,wellbeing,mindfullness
Campaign Logo

The aim of this campaign is to tackle the lack of connection or belonging that many people experience by inspiring individuals to ask how others are feeling. This invites people to open conversations, listen and encourage action to help those who may need it.  

mental health,campaign,ireland,dublin,wellbeing,mindfullness
The five steps of H.E.L.L.O

Dorset College ran a coffee morning in conjunction with the Hello, How R U campaign giving learners the opportunity to meet with one another to create a safe space and encourage conversations and active listening. The tables in the canteen were decorated with cakes, biscuits, treats, and posters explaining the Hello, How R U campaign to highlight the importance of mental health and wellbeing.  

mental health,campaign,ireland,dublin,wellbeing,mindfullness
Campaign set-up
mental health,campaign,ireland,dublin,wellbeing,mindfullness

Events such as the Hello, How R U campaign are a reminder of the importance of talking to one another and connecting in a genuine manner. With learners back in the college again, now is a better time than ever to sit down, chat and engage in thoughtful conversations. It was great to see students from various countries and cultures actively listening to one another and openly discussing issues surrounding mental health, in both Ireland and abroad.  

mental health,campaign,ireland,dublin,wellbeing,mindfullness

 Helpful Mental Health resources: 

Dublin City Clean Up

On Wednesday 1st of December, our Dublin City Clean Up event took place. This was an initiative organised by the Dorset College Wellbeing Ambassadors who were keen to get more environmentally conscious. We reached out to Dublin City Council, who provided all the clean-up equipment to help support this event.

Although the weather is getting colder and the evenings are shorter, the team turned up and picked up all the discarded litter surrounding Mountjoy Square. This is such a worthwhile activity for all to take part in as it is a stark reminder that we need to start treating the earth a lot better.

At Dorset College, we see the importance of these kinds of activities, as it is a great way to create awareness in our area for future waste-reducing efforts. A cleanup can also bring about a sense of community and responsibility to keep our city and neighbourhood safe and clean.

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