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Diploma in Programming Essentials (Python) Timetables

Diploma in Programming Essentials
Gain the skills using Python Programming language
Group 28/09/20Course: Monday EveningWeek StartingStart TimeEnd TimeLecturer
Week 1Understanding programming and introduction to Python19/10/202018:3021:30Wenhau Fu
No Class on Bank Holiday weekend26/10/2020
Week 2The first building block of Python - Variables02/11/202018:3021:30
Week 3How to design your solution using flowchart and pesudocode09/11/202018:3021:30
Week 4First Logic structure - Selection16/11/202018:3021:30
Week 5Selection and its applications23/11/2020
Week 6Iteration - how to use Python to perform repetitive tasks30/11/2020
Week 7Iteration and its applications07/12/2020
Week 8Combining Selections and Iteration - advanced logics14/12/2020
Christmas Holidays21/12/2020 to 04/01/2021
Week 9Python Strings11/01/202118:3021:30
Week 10How do we deal with data in Python - Data structure18/01/202118:3021:30
Week 11Using Functions - creating reusable code25/01/2021
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