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Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media Timetables

Digital Marketing & Social Media
1 Evening per week
Group 30/09/20Course: Wednesday EveningWeek StartingStart TimeEnd TimeLecturer
Week 1Starting your own Digital Marketing Strategy30/09/202018:3021:30Wenhau Fu
Week 2Effective website - Creating a simple e-business website07/10/202018:3021:30
Week 3Gaining insights - Use website analytics14/10/202018:3021:30
Week 4Email marketing (now and the future)21/10/202018:3021:30
Week 5Inbound and Content marketing28/10/202018:3021:30
Week 6How to use Digital Marketing Campaigns04/11/202018:3021:30
Week 7Social media marketing 1 - best practices and business case11/11/202018:3021:30
Week 8Social media marketing 2 - social listening and crisis management18/11/202018:3021:30
Week 9Ins and outs of Mobile marketing25/11/202018:3021:30
Week 10Putting it all together - Presenting of your Digital Marketing Strategy02/12/202018:3021:30
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