Face-to-Face Inductions are Back!

Our first face-to-face inductions took place in Dorset College for the first time in 2 years this past week! Every day we have had new groups of students joining us as they start this new adventure here in Dublin.

From our Springboard to Semester Abroad, Business to Computing we had all our students in to meet one another and introduce them to the Dorset College team. It was great to see everyone interact with their new classmates and get to learn about college life here in Dorset College.

It is going to be an exciting year ahead!

Money Jar Partnership with Dorset College Dublin

Dorset College Dublin are proud to announce a partnership with Money Jar, the 100% Irish owned alternative to a banking current account. Money Jar is your digital current account which provides an Irish IBAN (International Bank Account Number) with every account. Through the Money Jar app, Dorset College learners will get an Irish digital current account to help manage your money hassle-free and avoid any financial surprises. 

Money Jar is a safe, secure, and simple to use Digital Current Account for day-to-day banking requirements. The app comes with Mastercard and supports both Apple and Google pay. Dorset College Dublin students can open a Money Jar account today without any fees for 6 months. International students can open an account with Money Jar and obtain an Irish IBAN, allowing you to pay bills, send and receive money from other accounts, make mobile and online payments and improve money management. Within minutes, students will receive their Irish IBAN number by providing an Irish address. Unlike Revolut, Money Jar can be used to prove the money request for Visa purposes.  


For Dorset College students to set up their Money Jar account, all you need is a government approved identification document (from any country), an Irish postal address (temporary accommodation, hotel, hostel etc.) and you will have your digital current account. Students can also take advantage of Money Jar’s other features such as Irish IBAN compatibility with all payroll systems, bank to bank transfers, direct debits and much more.  

Dorset College Dublin are looking forward to collaborating with Money Jar in the future to ensure all students are in safe hands when it comes to their banking needs.  


For more information on the fantastic benefits of Money Jar & how you can get 6 months with no fees, please email the Student Experience Lead, [email protected].

De Vinci University - Partnership Visit

Jerry O’Connell, Lecturer and Program Lead for International Business in Dorset College Dublin, attended the Leonard De Vinci University’s annual ‘International Week’ in Paris at the end of March 2022. The invitation was to present 4 x 3 hour lectures on the topic “Corporate Governance whilst Doing Business in Global Markets”. Jerry was greeted by Jill Tynan, Associate Professor for the MSc in International Business at De Vinci. Jill is an Irish woman who moved to Paris over 40 years ago! Jill gave Jerry a tour of the University and explained the various backgrounds of the students that would be attending the lectures.  

The students were very engaged throughout the week and learnt about the impact of the UK Corporate Governance Code and explored case studies of how this worked in the context of Global business. Jerry also had the chance to meet other visiting academic staff from other parts of Europe and beyond, from such countries as Lebanon and the USA. Especially poignant was the story of the visiting lecturer from the Ukraine, who travelled 24 hours on a bus to Romania to then take a train and two connecting flights to be in Paris for International Week.  

De Vinci were very great hosts, organising a boat trip on the Seine and a wine and cheese evening in the University for the participant Lecturers. Jerry says “It was a great privilege to represent Dorset College at De Vinci’s International week in Paris. I learnt a lot from both the Academic staff and meeting with the students. I hope to reprise my visit in the future and continue to foster the partnership between Dorset College Dublin and De Vinci”.  

Jerry O'Connell visiting De Vinci University in Paris, France