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Vigneshwar Angaal

Vigneshwar Angaal

Vigy is a Digital Marketing professional with more than 3 years of experience in the Content production, design, and marketing industry. Hailing from India, he spends the majority of his time doing photography, video production, and travelling. 

Holding a degree in Mechanical Engineering from India, Vigy decided to go for a Masters in Digital Marketing from DBS in 2019, and has been busy shaping his skills for the future. 

As an immigrant himself, Vigy knows the struggles of a student away from home. Due to this, he chose to work in the education sector to provide better resources and experiences with his creative marketing skills. 

A visionary, creativity, curiosity to build and create something, attention to detail, and being a people person are some of the proud skills Vigy holds.  

Sales and Marketing
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Digital Marketing Specialist