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Neha Sahni

Quality Assurance

As Quality Assurance Lead and Examination Officer, Neha is responsible for maintaining quality in implementation of all systems, procedures and policies in the college. As an examination officer, she is responsible for all examinations, their planning, organization, results and assessments. She also looks after student progression, exemptions and deferments.

Neha holds the following Qualifications:

  • M.Sc in Business Management, Maynooth University, 2018
  • Graduate member of Council of Management Consultants and Advisors, Ireland, 2018-2019
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Garment Manufacturing Technology, India, 2007 Bachelor of Design, India, 2005

Neha started her career as a merchandiser, but transferred to education in 2008. She was an Assistant Professor and Head of her Department in an Indian University for 9 years, managing all academic and administrative aspects of education. While working there, she realised her actual strength lies in education management rather than teaching. She saw education management and quality assurance as a key aspect in learner’s experience and an institute’s effectiveness.

Since this realisation 3 years ago, she obtained another degree and diverted full time into education management and quality assurance.

Job Title:
Quality Assurance Lead & Examination Officer