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Nathalya Musa

Nathalya Musa

Nathalya is a Sales & Marketing professional with more than 11 years of experience in the Higher Education, Professional Development and English Language sectors. Originally from Brazil, she has spent the past 12 years travelling and living abroad. The majority of this time has been spent living in Dublin, Ireland.  

Having achieved her primary degree in Law back home, she also studied in Dublin and graduated with Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business in 2015. 

Nathalya’s travels, apart from providing her with varied work experience, also permitted her to participate in volunteer work supporting vulnerable children and those economically, socially and psychologically challenged.   

She has chosen to work in the International Education Sector as her medium to express her passion based on her belief that education is the greatest enabler of people and community.  

Working as Sales & Marketing Director in Dorset College, Nathalya is proud of her achievements, in the last years, reaching and attracting international students to Ireland in a growing range of markets.  

Her strength is in establishing market presence by ensuring brand awareness through developing and maintaining relationships with students and agents built on an exchange of trust and commitment.  

Nathalya is driven by her belief that international education must be economically accessible, effective in enhancing knowledge and capability and delivered in a way that provides both good learning and good experience that facilitates cultural exchange. 

Sales and Marketing
Job Title:
Director of Sales and Marketing