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Luan Oliveira

International Sales

Luan is a Brazilian Portuguese native speaker with over 10 years of sales, management and leadership experience. Over the years Luan developed strong expertise in sales structure and strategy for B2B and B2C companies and he is now improving his skills in the Computing field and studying a Bachelor of Science in Computing.

Living in Dublin since 2018, Luan moved to Ireland to study English and experience life abroad. To leave his comfort zone was certainly one of his biggest challenges and most rewarding experience and therefore, he has decided to share his personal experience with hundreds of other students and assist them to have their dream come true.

Luan is a very positive person who strongly believes everything is possible when you are determined. In case you are looking for the next step of your career by learning English, doing a degree course in Ireland he is definitely the right person for you to talk to.

Passionate about technology, learning, entrepreneurship, travelling, self-improvement, leadership, games, and wine, not necessarily in that order.

You can meet him cycling around Dublin at the weekends, hanging out with his friends or somewhere in the world on vacations.

Sales & Marketing
Job Title:
Senior International Sales Executive